Retirement Songs for Slideshow (2023)

Retirement is a big occasion. It signifies everything that you have achieved in your life and it is a rite of passage into the next phase of your life. And there is no better way to commemorate your achievements in life than a retirement slideshow.

In this article, we are going to give you some great retirement slideshow ideas that are going to make your retirement party awesome. Let's get into it.

Retirement Songs for Slideshow (1)
  • Part 1: Best Software for Retirement Slideshow on Desktop (Win&Mac)Retirement Songs for Slideshow (2)

  • Part 2: How to Create an Awesome Retirement Slideshow

  • Part 3: Top 15 Retirement Songs for a Party or Slideshow

  • Part 4: 8 Retirement Slideshow Ideas

  • Part 5: 6 Ideas to Make a Memorable Slideshow

Part 1: Best Software for Retirement Slideshow on Desktop (Win&Mac)

iMyFone Filme

If you are having a hard time deciding which software to go for to make your retirement slideshow then don't worry. We have you covered iMyFone Filme is the best tool if you don't have any prior experience in making slideshows. It is very easy to use and gives you tons of options that are going to make the whole process of making your retirement slideshow feel like a breeze. Here is a list of some of the key features that you get with iMyFone Filme.

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Retirement Songs for Slideshow (3)

Key Features

  • One-click editing– This software uses fast video mode where you can edit your videos with a single click without getting lost in complicated options and menus.

    (Video) Retirement Song (Happily Retired Now!)

  • Great templates– iMyFone Filme has a lot of great templates to choose from. You will find the right theme for your retirement slideshow from their incredible selection.

  • Effects– iMyFone Filme also allows you to add effects to your videos. The process of adding effects to add creativity and spark to your videos is also very simple.

Retirement Songs for Slideshow (4)

Part 2: 6 Keys to Create an Awesome Retirement Slideshow

It can get a little overwhelming when you are trying to create the perfect retirement slideshow with retirement songs that does justice to your career. We have created a simple 6 step plan that will help you out. Here is how you can create an amazing retirement slideshow:

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1. Theme

Start by deciding the theme that you are going to use. The theme is going to set the tone for your entire retirement party slideshow. If you want it to be upbeat and light, then go for an informal and bright color scheme but if you want it to look more formal and professional then go for a neutral preferably darker color scheme.

2. Songs

While the theme is going to set the tone, the songs are going to create the mood for your retirement party slideshow. If there is a family gathering, songs for family can be considered in the list too. Choosing the right songs for your retirement slideshow is crucial. We are going to give you our top picks for the best retirement slideshow songs later in the article.

3. Software

You need to choose the right software to create your retirement slideshow. You don't want to get stuck with a software that is overly complicated, and you don't want a software that affects the quality of your retirement party slideshow either. Go with any software that feels easy to use for you.

(Video) Farewell My Dear Boss

4. Use Treasured Moments

Don't put everything that you find in your retirement slideshow. Be selective and use images and videos that you consider treasured moments only.

5. Slideshow Template

Choose a template for your retirement party slideshow that pops. It has to be awesome to really bring life to your achievements in your career.

6. Customize It

It is a good idea to start with a retirement party slideshow template but feel free to customize it to your liking. Do it your way.

Once you are satisfied with the retirement slideshow and you have a smile on your face, export it and start to get ready for your big day.

Part 3: Top 15 Retirement Songs for a Party or Slideshow

As we mentioned earlier, here is our list of good retirement songs for slideshow. We are going to divide them into three sections to make it easier for you to choose which ones you like the best. These songs are universal in their appeal and can work great for a military retirement slideshow and a teacher retirement slideshow alike. Meanwhile, for the slideshow reviewing your earlier lives, you may also use songs for kids growing up, songs for birthday slideshow to add more intriguing elements.

Top 5 Songs that Wish for a Happy Retirement

1. Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles

The reason that this is the best retirement songs, it is by The Beatles, and two, that it conveys that your retirement is not a bad thing in any sense. If you want your retirement to feel like a new beginning, then this is a great choice of song for your retirement slideshow.

2. My Way by Frank Sinatra

If you want your retirement party slideshow to focus heavily on your achievements and success then there is no better song out there. The silky voice of Frank and the touching lyrics make this a great song for your retirement slideshow.

3. Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) by Green Day

By the name you might not think that this a good choice for your retirement slideshow, but this song is all about positivity and good vibes. It will sound great for your retirement party slideshow.

4. Hall of Fame by The Script

This is a great song if you are looking for something that is up-beat and celebrates your career. It will provide the perfect background for the part of your slideshow where you show everything that you faced in your career. It is a great way to highlight your resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

5. 9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

This song may not necessarily be retirement-themed, but this song very much encapsulates what it's like to be retired. It highlights all the perks that come with retirement and has an overall feel-good vibe.

Top 5 Funny Songs for Retirement slideshow

1. Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf

If you are creating a retirement slideshow that shows you as a fun-loving and risk-taking person then you will not find a more suitable song for your retirement slideshow.

2. Cups by Anna Kendrick

If you want to go for a more pop feel for your retirement part slideshow and want to tell your co-workers that they will miss you a lot when you are not coming to work, you will want to go with this song.

(Video) Retirement Presentation for Teacher /Tribute/Dep-Ed/Video Ideas/

3. Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett

As you can tell by the title that this song is all about a chilled-out vibe. If you want to show your co-workers that you are looking forward to retirement, then this is an excellent song to include in your retirement party slideshow.

4. Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Redding

This is a classic song that is a great choice to show how fun your retirement is going to be. It a must-have for your retirement party because this song is all about being lazy and enjoying yourself.

5. You Haven't Seen the Last of Me by Cher

If you want your retirement slideshow to show the impact that you have made on your organization or community then this is a great humorous way of showing it.

Top 5 Upbeat Songs for Retirement slideshow

1. I Gotta Feeling by The Black Eyed Peas

This is one of the best upbeat songs out there and would be a great fit for your retirement slideshow or party.

2. Celebration by Kool and The Gang

If you want the people who are at your retirement party to have a great time then this is the ideal song to have at your retirement party.

3. Good Times Roll by The Cars

This is another one of those songs that will have people have a great time during your retirement slideshow or party.

4. The Best is Yet to Come by Frank Sinatra

This is a classic upbeat song that gives a touch of class to any retirement party. Make sure to include it in your retirement party.

5. We've Only Just Begun by The Carpenters

An evergreen song to bring a feel-good vibe to your retirement party. It can also work great for your retirement slideshow.

Part 4: 8 Retirement Slideshow Ideas

To make your retirement video great here are a few ideas that you can use:

1. Music Video

If you are willing to go through the effort, then having a music video for your retirement party can be a fun and great idea.

2. Interviews

You can have interviews with your co-workers and office staff in your retirement video. It will help provide the perspective of the people that you worked with over your career in your retirement video.

3. Movie Trailer

Another great fun idea for your retirement video is to recreate a trailer of a famous movie with a retirement theme to it.

(Video) Dad’s retirement video

4. Prank

You plan a prank on the people attending the party with the help of your retirement video. You will have to get creative and think of something that they will have good laugh about.

5. Dancing

If you are proud of your dancing skills, then you can break a leg and record a flash mob and incorporate it with a music video for your retirement video.

6. Magic

You can also make a funny video by using humor magic tricks in your retirement video. It can be a huge hit with the attendees of your retirement party.

7. Speech

If you are a good orator, then having a speech in your retirement video is also a great choice.

8. Costume

If you are not afraid of making bold choices, then you can try to do a character from pop culture in your retirement video as well.

Part 5: 6 Ideas to Make a Memorable Slideshow

Your retirement slideshow is going to be a major part of your retirement party. You want to have a slideshow that the attendees will remember. Here are some idea to make your slideshow memorable:

1. Strong Opening

The first thing that you want to do to make your retirement slideshow memorable is, you want to open with something that stands out. Maybe a good joke or a great image. This will grab the attention of the people that are watching it.

2. Milestones

A memorable retirement slideshow should show the progression of your career. So make sure to focus on all the challenges that you faced and how you overcame them. This will give the people who are listening a deeper insight into who you are as a person.

3. Advice

Since you are the one retiring this is your chance to give some advice to the people who are still working on how they can succeed. If you want your retirement slideshow to be memorable then make sure that you include everything that you learned on your job.

4. Speak from the Heart

To get a reaction out of the people who are at your retirement party try to include things that they will miss about you this will help create an emotional impact and help your retirement slideshow remain the memory of the people that see it.

5. Humor

Take a jibe at some of your close colleagues and friends from work. Everyone is going to appreciate and enjoy a good laugh at your retirement party. So make sure that you make this a part of your retirement slideshow.

6. Keep it Compact

And last but not least you want your slideshow to be short and impactful. Don't fill it up with extra things. Keep it compact. If you drag it out for too long, then it will not have as strong of an impact.

(Video) A Farewell Melody \\ Original by Jacob's Piano

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What is a good song for a retirement video? ›

“My Way” By: Frank Sinatra is one of the great songs of triumph over life. “Hello, Goodbye” by The Beatles – any person who is retiring grew up listening to the Beatle, who pointed out Hello and Goodbye can mean never having to say goodbye. “You've Got a Friend” by James Taylor. Retirement doesn't mean losing friends.

What do you say in a retirement slideshow? ›

Your retirement video message should commemorate all their life achievements and express gratitude and admiration for them being a great mentor and supporting you throughout. You could add in a 'we'll miss you' message, congratulate them on a glorious career, and wish them success in starting a new chapter.

How do you honor someone retiring? ›

9 Ways to Honor a Coworker for Their Retirement
  1. Throw Them a Party. ...
  2. Coordinate a Retirement Gift. ...
  3. Have Everyone Sign a Goodbye Card. ...
  4. Mark the Date with Something Permanent. ...
  5. Make a Memory Scrapbook. ...
  6. Give a Speech About the Retiree's Accomplishments. ...
  7. Make a “History Box” ...
  8. Send Them on a Day Trip.

What are some good retirement quotes? ›

30 Retirement Quotes
  • “The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off.” – Abe Lemons.
  • “There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want.” – Bill Waterson, Calvin & Hobbes.
  • “Retirement is like a long vacation in Las Vegas. ...
  • “It is better to live rich than to die rich.” – Samuel Johnson.
May 26, 2022

What is a motivating song? ›

  • 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough' by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. ...
  • 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor. ...
  • 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem. ...
  • 'I'm Still Standing' by Elton John. ...
  • 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child. ...
  • 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' by Daft Punk. ...
  • '(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher' by Jackie Wilson.
Jul 5, 2022

What five songs would top the soundtrack of your life? ›

So bust out your headphones or turn up the speakers and play these 10 songs, all of which should be on the soundtrack to your life.
  • Walking on Sunshine. ...
  • Staying Alive. ...
  • Holding on to a Hero. ...
  • Daydream Believer. ...
  • I Won't Back Down. ...
  • Beautiful. ...
  • I Will Survive. ...
  • Everybody Hurts.
Mar 20, 2017

What can I say instead of enjoying my retirement? ›

  • “Congratulations on your retirement! ...
  • “With heartfelt congratulations on your retirement,”
  • “Congratulations on a standout career and best wishes for your retirement!”
  • “You're retiring! ...
  • “It's been a privilege working with you, and now it's an honor helping you celebrate your retirement.
Jul 19, 2019

What is a nice retirement message? ›

May your retirement days be long and filled with fun and family. You've always set a great example for me in your career, and I know whatever you do next will be equally great. Wishing you nothing but sunny days and peaceful nights from here on out. I'm excited for all the new opportunities in your life.

What do you say in a goodbye retirement video? ›

I know we'll all miss you. Thank you for everything you've done, and enjoy yourself! Congratulations on your retirement, boss! You've accomplished so much over your career, and we're going to miss your guidance, support, and positive attitude.

How do you say goodbye to coworkers when you retire? ›

Thank you so much.” “It's been an honor and a privilege to work with you for the last 23 years. I think of you not only as a boss but a friend as well.” “When you love what you do, work doesn't feel like work.

What is a good retirement toast? ›

Here's to your health and your family's health. May you live long and prosper. May you have even more fun in retirement than we do here at work. Good luck with all the work you've been waiting to do since you joined us.

What is the best retirement advice you ever got? ›

Starting early and reinvesting what you earn on your investments is the single best thing you can do. Sit down and look at what happens when you compound interest for 30, 40 or 50 years. If people start young, no matter how small, and keep it up until they retire, the rest will take care of itself.

What are the 4 pillars of retirement? ›

The overwhelming majority of retirees say that all four pillars—health, family, purpose and finances—are essential to optimizing well-being in retirement.

What does the Bible say about retirement? ›

The only mention of retirement in the Bible is for the Levites who were instructed to withdraw from service in the tent of meeting. This passage includes instruction for the Levites in both service and retirement from their duties, and it captures the essence of instruction to retired Christians.

What is the best song to get pumped up? ›

45 Best Pump Up Songs of All Time for Sports
  • “Sirius” by Alan Parsons Project.
  • “Howlin' for You” by The Black Keys.
  • “List of Demands” by Saul Williams.
  • “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne.
  • “Stronger” by Kanye West.
  • “Sleep Now in the Fire” by Rage Against the Machine.
  • “Back in Black” by AC/DC.
  • “Party Up (Up in Here)” by DMX.
Mar 24, 2022

What song makes you feel the most powerful? ›

songs that you feel powerful
  • BelieverImagine Dragons.
  • Glitter & GoldBarns Courtney.
  • you should see me in a crownBillie Eilish.
  • ConfidentDemi Lovato.
  • HeadspaceRiley Clemmons.
  • ManeaterNelly Furtado.
  • My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)Fall Out Boy.
  • I Kissed A GirlKaty Perry.

What is the most uplifting song? ›

The 10 Most Uplifting Songs, According to Science
  • “ Don't Stop Me Now”, Queen, 1978.
  • “ Dancing Queen”, ABBA, 1976.
  • “ Good Vibrations”, The Beach Boys, 1966.
  • “ Uptown Girl”, Billy Joel, 1983.
  • “ Eye of the Tiger”, Survivor, 1982.
  • “ I'm a Believer”, The Monkees, 1966.
  • “ ...

What music do 60 year olds like? ›

Top hits for 60+ year olds
  • Pure 60's: The #1 Hits.
  • Aretha Franklin.
  • The Beatles.
  • Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.
  • The Rolling Stones.
  • Roy Orbison.
  • Simon & Garfunkel.
Sep 13, 2021

What do you say in a farewell retirement video? ›

I know we'll all miss you. Thank you for everything you've done, and enjoy yourself! Congratulations on your retirement, boss! You've accomplished so much over your career, and we're going to miss your guidance, support, and positive attitude.


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6. alvedon - retire (final)
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