Online Check-in│ASIANA AIRLINES (2023)

For flights departing from the following airports, you can proceed to the immigration desk immediately with only your homepage/mobile boarding pass.

※ Depending on government policies and airport conditions, the issuance of boarding pass may be suspended.

Q Can e-tickets purchased at travel agencies be used for online check-in, as well? Details


Check-in is possible, even for tickets purchased at travel agencies. However, if you are taking a codeshare flight operated on an aircraft of another company, the use is limited.

Q When is online check-in available? Details


You can carry out online check-in through the homepage or a mobile device, starting from 48 hours before the departure time of your reserved flight.

  • - International flights: 48 hours to 1 hour before departure (for U.S.routes however, you can check-in starting from 24 hours before departure)
  • - Domestic Flights: 24 hours to 30 minutes before departure

Q What should I prepare beforehand if I want to use online check-in? Details


  1. 1. Departure date of your flight
  2. 2. Reservation number (6 or 8 digits) or your e-ticket number (13 digits)
    Login is not necessary for online check-in. Simply enter the above information.

※ When using international flights, you must enter your passport information to have your boarding pass issued via online check-in, so please prepare your passport information beforehand. (When traveling to the U.S., aside from your passport information, you need an address for where you will be staying.)

Q Can children traveling unaccompanied use online check-in? Details


No, they cannot. Children traveling alone (unaccompanied minors) need separate service requests and verification procedures. Please check in at the airport counter.

Q Is online check-in possible when traveling with an infant under 24 months of age? Details


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Passengers traveling with infants may also check in online through the homepage or mobile site.

Q Provide information about passengers who cannot use online check-in. Details


Enter the information below.

  • Passengers using codeshare flights operated on aircrafts of other companies
  • If you applied for special requests that require airport personnel to confirm and prepare. E.g., children traveling alone (unaccompanied minors), companion animals, wheelchair applications, seat upgrade requests, passengers with cabin baggage that require separate seats, etc.
  • Passengers with e-tickets that need to be changed

Q I’ve logged in but my reservation is not showing up on the list of reservations. Details


After logging in, the reservation list will be displayed only when the ticket information and membership number have been linked at the time of ticket purchase.
You must inquire whether your Asiana Club membership number is linked at the place of purchase.
However, even if it is not displayed on the reservation list, you can use online check-in without logging in if you enter your reservation number (or ticket number).
Also, you may need to enter your membership number, which is required for earning miles during online check-in.

Q After entering my passport number, why does it say that I cannot check in? Details


Passengers who require additional confirmation from the Ministry of Justice due to the pre-immigration system may be restricted from being issued a boarding pass.
Check that you have correctly entered your passport information under the check-in menu, as passport information is often entered incorrectly.

Q When checking in online, why does a “check-in failed” message related to U.S.visas (ESTA) appear? Details


Due to the enforcement of the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS), all passport information entered during check-in will be sent to the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) on real time.

In this process, boarding passes will not be issued for passports that have not been approved through ESTA. Thus, boarding passes and tickets for exchange may not be issued online.

Passengers traveling to the U.S.for visiting purposes without a visa (ESTA users) should visit the official ESTA homepage and double-check the approval. Passengers traveling to the U.S.for purposes other than visiting should receive boarding passes at the airport counter to confirm the validity of the visa and travel documents.

However, seats assigned online will be reserved.

Q After selecting my seat, I’ve moved on to the next step but my selection has not been applied. It says that I cannot check in. Details

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During the seat assignment process, the selected seat can be occupied first by other customers through different check-in procedures. Emergency exit or preferred seats (charged) cannot be selected during online check-in.

Q One of the passengers in my group cannot complete their check-in. Details


Online check-in may be limited in the following cases.

  • - Passengers for whom the service is restricted
  • - If confirmation is required from the corresponding country’s electronic system

Q Where is the mobile boarding pass saved? Details


Passengers who completed check-in using the Asiana Airlines application (APP) can find their saved boarding pass under the [Mobile Boarding Pass] menu.

After checking in online, if you received your boarding pass via Kakao notification or SMS, you can confirm your boarding pass via the link sent to you.

iPhone users can easily view their boarding pass on the Apple Wallet menu.

Q Can I cancel my online check-in online as well? Details


Yes, you can cancel your check-in during online check-in service hours. After reconnecting to the check-in menu, you can cancel under the [Cancel check-in] menu.

Q If I cancel my online check-in (seat assignment), does it also cancel my reservation? Details


Canceling your check-in does not cancel your reservation. Cancellation, changing of reservation, and ticket refunds must be processed separately from the place of purchase.

Q Can I change my seat even after I have completed my online check-in (seat assignment)? Details


Yes, you can. If you wish to change your seat, go back to the check-in menu and select [Change check-in] to proceed. At the [Change check-in] menu, not only can you can change your seat, but you can also enter your mileage number and edit passenger information.

Q I’ve entered my passport information incorrectly. Will this be a problem? Details


If you’ve incorrectly entered your passport information, your immigration process may be delayed or unexpected problems may occur.

Revisit the check-in menu and edit your information, or correct it at the airport counter.

Q Why must I enter my passport information? Details


Most countries require airlines to submit the passport information of passengers before the flight departs, for reasons of flight safety, security, and customs in the country/region.

Enter your passport information correctly, as passport information is sent to the departure/arrival city immigration office. If you are traveling to the U.S., entering additional information is required, including the address of where you will be staying.

Q I have made reservations with a traveling companion, but only I am deactivated on the passenger selection list and cannot be selected. Details


That means valid e-ticket information has not been applied, or special request items that require airport confirmation and preparations have been applied.

Q I’ve printed my boarding pass online. Must I go through a separate procedure at the airport? Details


If you’ve been issued a home/mobile boarding pass online, you can enter the concourse without visiting the counter separately at the airport. If you have bags to check, provide your boarding pass at the counter and check your baggage.

※ Procedures for Use
1. Go to the concourse entrance with your home/mobile boarding pass and passport (valid identification in the case of domestic flights)
2. Go to the boarding gate after scanning your boarding pass barcode at the automatic gate for the concourse entrance
3. Board after providing your internet/mobile boarding pass at the boarding gate

Q (Domestic flight) I was unable to enter with my mobile boarding pass at the concourse entrance. Why? Details


You cannot enter the concourse in the following cases. Ask one of our employees for assistance at the counter.

  • - If the barcode is badly printed or damaged
  • - If the boarding pass in is invalid, due to check-in cancellation or seat change
  • - If you were unable to enter the concourse by 20 minutes before flight departure

Q I have additional baggage to check besides my carry-on baggage. What do I do after online check-in? Details


  • - International Flights: After presenting your home/mobile boarding pass or baggage tag at the airport counter 60 minutes before the departure, complete the procedure for checked baggage.
  • – Domestic Flights : After presenting your home/mobile boarding pass or baggage tag at the airport counter, check your baggage by 30 minutes before departure.

Q A part of my internet boarding pass is not printing properly. Will there be problems in using it? Details


Even if your boarding pass does not print normally, you can still keep your assigned seat. You can receive a physical boarding pass at the airport counter on the day of departure.

For passengers who wish to be issued a mobile boarding pass, log in to the check-in service and receive your mobile boarding pass via SMS text message.

Q I’ve lost my internet/mobile boarding pass. Can I print it again? Details


Yes, you can. You can receive your boarding pass again under the [Issue boarding pass] menu by reconnecting to internet/mobile check-in.

Q What is a ticket for exchange and how do I use it? Details


Tickets for exchange are provided to passengers who are limited in using home/mobile boarding passes. You cannot board with a ticket for exchange. Please receive a physical boarding pass at the airport.
In the cases below, you will receive a ticket for exchange instead of a boarding pass when using online check-in.

  • - Domestic Flights: If proof of ticket discount needs to be confirmed (e.g., public discounts such as child and disability discounts)
  • - International Flights: If you are traveling to a country that requires a visa or if additional documentation required during travel needs to be confirmed

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Do I need to go to the counter if I checked-in online? ›

In most cases, you will only need to go to check-in when you have checked-in online if you need to drop off an item of hold baggage. Please ensure that you are aware of the hand baggage requirements for your specific airline before you travel.

Why would I not be able to check-in online? ›

If your airline website does not allow you to check in online within the 24-48 hours window, chances are your flight has already been fully booked. Airlines in America tend to overbook flights because they expect a few passengers to cancel, postpone, or miss the flight.

Is it easier to check-in online or at the airport? ›

Online check in is especially crucial if you've booked a domestic flight without a seat allocation. It will let you pick your seat to make sure you're not in the very last row. Overall, the whole process gives you a few less things to stress about at the airport, especially these days.

What do I need to do at the airport if I check-in online? ›

You don't have to get to the airport so early

When using the digital check-in, once at the airport, all you have to do is drop your luggage which you have already checked-in citing the weight and dimensions of your bags.

Can I go straight to the gate if I check-in online? ›

I have checked in online and have no hold baggage, do I need to go to check-in? If you have checked in and have a printed or mobile boarding pass and are not checking in any hold luggage you can go straight to security and through to the departure lounge.

What's the advantage of checking in online? ›

The best of these benefits are: Saving time on the long airport check-in lines. Allowing you the option to choose your seats before even reaching the airport. The possibility of paying a lower fee checked baggage than you would if you paid in-person at the time of airport check-in.

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